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Iowa and Nebraska winters can be hard on your golf car. Have you winterized your golf car? Do you have a place to store it? Miller & Sons Golf Cars are here to help.


We can drop by your location and pick up your golf car or call to arrange a time for you to drop it off. The car will be winterized in our Elk Horn, NE or Britt, IA locations. Our experienced golf car techs will make sure it is in top notch shape and ready to enjoy the Spring weather.

Inside storage Facilities in Britt, IA and Elk Horn, NE

If you do not have a place to store it, we offer storage too. We have customers across the state of Iowa and Nebraska so do not hesitate to call us to have your golf car or utility vehicle picked up and brought to one of our locations to keep them out of the harsh winters. When spring arrives, we will arrange to have the vehicle returned to your location.

Golf car and Utility Vehicle hauling & delivery

Do you have a golf car or utility vehicle that needs to be moved further than you want to drive it? If you do not have the trailer or vehicle to pull your vehicle, the Miller & Sons Golf Cars team is here to assist. We can pick the car up and deliver it to your desired location. Give us a call about our affordable delivery and hauling services.

Winterization Tips

Are you a do-it-yourselfer? Miller & Sons Golf Cars would like to offer some winterization tips to make sure your car runs smoothly in the spring.  


Battery care is extremely important to increase the life and performance of your golf cart. When your golf car is ready to be stored, the battery terminals should be cleaned. The cleaning of the batteries and disconnecting the terminals will help prevent corrosion and self discharge. We recommend recharging the batteries every 30 days for optimal life and performance. Unplug next day after recharging.

Gas golf car storage tips

Our technicians at Miller’s Golf Cars recommends the following tips to keep your gas powered golf car healthy during long term storage to avoid corrosion in the engine an in build up of varnish and gum in the carbonator:

1. Raise the rear of the golf car using the jack stands

2. Fuel hose should be disconnected at the fuel tank and the hose plugged.

3. Allow the engine to run while depressing the accelerator pedal until it runs out of fuel and shuts off.

4. Gasoline additive should be added to the tank.

5. Spark plugs should be removed. Pour 1 oz of engine oil into the cylinder and then replace the ground spark plug wire and spark plug.  Turn on engine to distribute the oil

6. Connect the fuel line to the tank. The car should be driven for a few minutes to circulate the additive through the carburetor.

7. Change the oil while the engine is still warm.

Electric golf car storage tips

The TXT electric cars should be stored with the Run/Tow switch in the Tow/Maintenance/Storage position. If stored in the Run position, the battery becomes drained.


The RXV electric cars should be stored in the Run/Tow position. If stored in the Tow position, the battery becomes drained.

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Want to enjoy using your Golf Car during Iowa & Nebraska Winters?

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